24h Peso Loan App Review: How to Pay? - Is Legit?

24h Peso Loan App Review: How to Pay? - Is Legit?

What is 24h Peso?

24h Peso is a personal loan company that helps Filipinos to get personal loans quickly. They offer second to none service, and make it easy for lenders to lend money. However, the company is still in its infancy stages.

24h Peso is not a bank and they do not offer loans with a collateral. They are starting to get a lot of attention and are becoming popular in the Philippines. They are a startup business and currently somehow doing well because they offer a personal loan service that is quick, reliable, and flexible.

Users can apply for the loan by completing a loan application on the 24h Peso website. Once the application is submitted, the person will be contacted via phone to provide additional information. There are no credit checks, no collateral, and no hidden fees, which is why 24h Peso is a great option for people who need fast cash.

24h Peso loan, how does it work?

With 24h Peso, you can get a personal loan easily and anytime of the day. 24h Peso makes it easy to get a personal loan by providing a convenient way to get a loan application on their website. It also helps you to find the best loan available at a low interest rate. If you are interested in getting a loan from 1,000 to up to 50,000, you can apply for a 24h Peso loan. All you have to do is fill in the application form, and wait for the loan to come through.

Furthermore, the interest rate is charged per year which can go from 15% to 24%. It has a simple lending process and a repayment plan that will suit your needs.

Interest rate

The interest rates available with 24h peso is 15% to 24%. This is considered average knowing that the company charge the interest rate per annum.

Is 24h Peso legit?

24h Peso is a personal loan company that is based in the Philippines. It is a legitimate company that is helping the Filipinos get personal loans. There have been a lot of false claims about the company and there have been people that have had bad experiences. However, the company is legitimate and has been around for years now.

How much is the 24h Peso loan?

With 24h peso, you can get a loan amount of PHP 1,000 up to PHP 50,000. This is considered a perfect amount for daily needs to major purchases.

Is 24h Peso loan app SEC registered?

Yes. 24h peso loan app is SEC Registered with the following information:

  • SEC Registration number: CS201903509
  • Business Name: 24H PESO FINANCE
  • Certificate of Authority No: 1202

24h Peso loan app benefits

24h Peso allows people to get personal loans within 24 hours. This app is great for those who are always struggling with cash and need quick money. There are a few different benefits of using this app. The first benefit is that it is free to download the app. The second benefit is that people can get cash within 24 hours. The third benefit is that the loans are competitive and the fourth benefit is that they are quick and easy. The last benefit is that customers can get a loan up to PHP 50,000!

24h Peso loan, how to apply?

The application process for 24h Peso is simple and all can be done online. Simply fill out the form, attach necessary documents and submit your application. Once your application is submitted, you will be notified of the decision. They will send you a text or email with the decision from our team. You can also check your status online or in the app at any time.


To be eligible for 24h Peso loan, you must be a Filipino citizen in legal age. With at least 2 Valid IDs and some information about employment.

24h Peso loan, how to pay?

You can pay your loan with 24h Peso through online banking, over the counter transactions, or in M. Lhuiller, e-wallets, or 7/11 CLIQQ.

How to pay 24h peso in Gcash?

You can pay your 24h peso loan with Gcash by going through the dashboard app, selecting Gcash as a mode of payment, then you will have redirected to a secured page to login on your Gcash account.

What happens if you can't pay?

In case you can’t pay, there will be a late payment penalty that will be charged on your account.

How to repay 24h Peso?

You can pay your loan with 24h Peso through online banking, over the counter transactions, or in M. Lhuiller, e-wallets, or 7/11 CLIQQ.

    Repayment guidelines

    24h Peso offers a loan for small loans with a quick and easy repayment process. Loan repayment is done in 24h Peso app, so it is easy to repay your loan in one day. You may also opt for an over the counter transactions or other outside transactions.

    24h Peso loan app

    24h Peso is one of the first loan services in the country that helps you to get the cash you need in just a few minutes. You can now get a loan without any credit and without a bank account. All you need is a smartphone and a working email address.

    App download

    The app is available on Google Play Store and App Store.

    24h Peso APK

    If you want the 24h Peso APK, you can get it on this link .

    24h Peso, customer service

    If you have any concerns, just contact the following contact info:


    1800-1651-0525 (Smart / PLDT), 1800-8474-7382 (Globe)

    24h Peso, reviews

    If you are looking for a quick loan, then look no further than 24h Peso. The company is loved by many Filipinos for offering quick loans, as well as a quick loan approval process.

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    Client support is very bad. They are sending threats and harassing their client via call and sms even if account is not yet overdue. No information also on how to pay via ewallet. Interest is so high in 7 days loan term.

    Mary Chan Azarcon

    Gusto ko na mag pay thru gcash pro ayaw mag proceed. Ayoko po sana mg overdue kahit bukas pa sana due date ko. Gusto ko na mgbyad ngaun.

    Noel Allan Argame

    Paano mag bayad sa Inyo true gcash. Anong payment channel kyo..duedate nako.tapos pag hindi nka bayad sabihin nyo overdue...


    Ayaw mong dumiretso sa Gcash sa apps mo, hindi mo alam kung paano magbayad thru Gcash


    Hello... its my duedate na po... di ko po mahanap ang email nio so dito na ako nagmessage... nasira lang ang phone ko ay baka nagmemessage or tumatawag po kayo... how can I pay po aside from Gcash... pakieamail naman po ako


    ---- ---- ---- even you just reach deadline, they spread bad news about you ----


    Always declined

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    This article was updated on 3 january 2023