Akulaku Cash Loan in Philippines Review: App, Website - Is Legit?

Akulaku Cash Loan in Philippines Review: App, Website - Is Legit?

What is Akulaku?

Akulaku is a new and exciting company that is changing the way we shop. They are revolutionizing the way people buy goods and giving consumers a better shopping experience than ever before.

Akulaku is the first e-commerce application to offer installment purchase in the Philippines. It allows users to buy goods by paying for them in monthly installments. The company has been offering its services for over years now and has seen great success since then.

Akulaku cash loan, how does it work?

Akulaku Philippines allows borrowers to loan money for shopping spree. They are recognized as an online mall in your pocket because they allow you to purchase anything through your smartphones while everything is secured and safe.

How much does Akulaku loans?

Akulaku loan amount vary between PHP 2,500 to PHP 5,000. This is considered a higher loan amount compared to other e-commerce application in the country such as Shopee.

How long does it take for the money to arrive?

After successfully registering on their mobile app, Akulaku will set your credit limit according to the credit history you’ve shown them. The credit limit will vary from person to person which means that there are times the borrower gets lower or higher limit. Once you are registered, the money will eventually go into your account and you can now make purchase using Akulaku.

Is Akulaku legit?

Yes, Akulaku is legit. All loans under the Akulaku Platform are funded by Streetcorner Lending Corp and are licensed under the SEC No. CS201606603 with Authority No. 1830.

Akulaku benefits

Akulaku is an app that allows users to purchase items with installments without paying any interest. This ensures that users can have access to affordable goods without having to worry about their financial situation. You also don’t need a credit card to register and it is considered as an additional opportunity to keep your cash flow positive.

With Akulaku, you can set-up and pay bills on time, buy now pay later, game credits, mobile top-ups, and a convenient lending platform with free delivery services!

How to apply for an Akulaku loan?

Applying in Akulaku si very easy. You just have to install their mobile application and this app both supports Android and iOS so you don’t need to worry about compatibility. After that, create your account and provide personal information. Once done, you will need to authenticate the information you provided and Akulaku will notify you once your application passed. If so, your preferred loan amount will eventually go to your account and you’re now ready to shop.


The requirements of Akulaku for borrowers are:

  • Filipino citizen aged 18-50 years’ old

  • A 1 valid ID card

  • Bank account to disburse

Interest rate

The rate of your credit score is where Akulaku depends the interest rates you’ll be receiving. Meaning, if you have a high credit score, you can have a lower interest rate. But don’t worry as Akulaku will publish the calculation of your interest rate before you can even apply. Interest rates can also vary depending on the term loan your preferred. For example, an 8-day term loan has an interest rate of 5% while a 15 days’ term loan can go up to 7%.

How to pay for an Akulaku loan?

You can repay your loan in Akulaku using E-wallet, Convenience store such as 7/11, and online or over the counter bank transfers. Remember to keep every receipt so you can continue reapplying with Akulaku.

What happens if I can’t pay?

Akulaku charges borrowers with 10% of total past due amount. So make sure to repay your loans before its due date because this overdue payment charges can be a little pain on your wallet.

Akulaku app

Akulaku is the first e-commerce application to support installment purchase. Akulaku is a mobile app which allows users to purchase goods and services without having to pay all at once. This application has been created with the goal of turning digital payments into an easy, seamless, and secure experience for consumers. The service also offers a streamlined payment process that removes the need for cash or checks.

Log in steps

If you are using the app, you can just download it from Google Play Store or Apple Store. Once done, just enter your phone number and the password you created after successful registration.

Aside from the app, you can log in through Akulaku web portal, to do this, just follow these steps.

  • Step 1: Open your web browser and type https://www.akulaku.com/
  • Step 2: Enter your username on the field.
  • Step 3: Type in your own password.
  • Step 4: Click the submit button to login with your details.

Once you submitted your credentials such as your username and password, you can now access all online services and tools of Akulaku.

Akulaku, customer service

If you have any concern regarding the status of your application or loan, you can contact Akulaku on the following contact information:

Contact number:

  • Phone: (02) 5304 9120 to 29


Akulaku, complaints

Akulaku has complaints from their employees because according to the latter, the company is not compensating them well. And there is also news from 2020 saying that Akulaku was suspended in primary and secondary markets in the Philippines due to late payment settlements.

Akulaku, review

The major benefit of Akulaku is that it allows users to pay for their purchases without any hidden fees. It also provides users with an easy and convenient way to manage their finances and track their spending. This is why they received a lot of positive reviews from consumers who are using them.

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This article was updated on 13 june 2022