Asteria Lending: Personal Loan Review - Login, Requirements and More!

Asteria Lending: Personal Loan Review - Login, Requirements and More!

What is Asteria Lending Inc.?

Asteria Lending Inc. is a well-known online financial lending company that caters both financing and lending loans mainly for personal or business needs. Their mission is to provide for the Filipino clients a fast and easy, hassle-free, tailor-fit loan service to put their financial worries at ease.

The type of loans offered by Asteria Lending Inc. ranges from important events like debuts or weddings, medical bills, educational loan, family trip, or immediate payments of bills, you name it, they got it. Of course, it is not only the wide range of loans that are instore for clients, but they are also known as having one of the lowest online loan rates which is not common in the lending industry and has a fast loan procedure and loan approval which can be done in just a matter of two days.

How does Asteria Lending work?

Forget about the long line, numerous paper works and high interest rates when borrowing, the digital era for lending has begun. An interested client can apply with Asteria Lending at the comfort of their own home, using their mobile phone or computer. It just needs a few clicks and ticks, then the process will be done. Anyone in the Philippines can apply for a loan, for whatever valid reason they have. They are also entitled to choose the payment terms according to their liking.

Interested applicants may visit their official website or download their mobile android app for easy and fast loan application. The application process starts by creating an account and supplying necessary details or might as well try contacting them for further details.

How can I apply for a loan with Asteria Lending?

The first thing you need to do is visit their official website and proceed to the online calculator to check the amount and terms. Next, create an account and click the APPLY NOW button to start the application. Fill out the necessary information and requested documents to complete the process. After that, wait for the SMS notification whether the application is approved or not.


  • Must be a Filipino Citizen residing in Metro Manila and other nearby areas

  • Age 21 to 60 years old

  • A valid government issued ID (UMID, TIN, Driver’s License, PhilHealth ID)

  • Has a bank account under the borrower’s name to receive the loan

  • Proof of billing

  • Income of at least Php10,000

Note: These are only the general requirements, some requirements may vary depending on which loan will be applied.

How much does Asteria Lending loans?

The loanable amount may vary whether you are a first-time borrower or for renewal:

  • Php2,000 up to Php10,000 (For first time personal loans borrower)

  • Php2,000 up to Php20,000 (For renewal, amount depends on previous credit records)

Interest Rates

  • The standard interest rates for all kinds of loan is 0.9% per day.

The loan repayment may run for a period of 30 days and can go up to 90 days. The short-term repayment scheme is applied to avoid default payments.

How do I pay my Asteria Lending loan?

A client may wish to do his/her repayment through the following Asteria Lending accredited payment partners. The lending company mainly utilizes the DragonPay payments available through the following merchants:

  • 7 Eleven

  • Cebuana Lhuillier

  • LBC

  • SM Payment Centers

  • Robinson Payment Centers

  • Bayad Centers

Reminder: Default payments are subject to late payment charges and penalty of 1% each day as stated in the loan terms and conditions. To avoid penalties and charges, pay on or ahead of time.

Is Asteria Lending SEC registered? Is it legit?

For everyone’s safety and security, Asteria Lending is SEC registered under the name of Asteria Lending Inc. with a Registration no. CS201603853, and Certificate of Authority No. 1813 founded on February 23, 2016. Rest assured that you are in good hands, because no company in the Philippines can operate on a large scale without acquiring a license to operate from the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission).

Asteria Lending App

Currently, they are in the process of developing the Asteria Lending application. For now, you can reach out and know more about them through their official website or their official Facebook page because they have some best deals for your needs.

Asterial Lending Customer Service

You may reach Asteria Lending and voice out your concerns regarding the application process up to the repayment periods through the following channels:

Phone/Landline Number:

  • (02) 5318 8000

Mobile Number:

  • 0998-584-5045

  • 0906-349-9080

Email Address:

They are open from Mondays to Fridays, from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm (Office hours)

Asteria Lending Complaints

To improve their services, Asteria Lending promptly addresses concerns and complaints from their valued customers. Here are some of the complaints which may need some improvements on the part of Asteria Lending:

  • The coverage area is very limited, it is mostly for residents of Metro Manila and other nearby provinces and cities. How about those from Visayas and Mindanao area who wanted to avail a loan.

  • There are reported scam and fraudulent activities from unauthorized persons pretending to be part of Asteria Lending company.

  • Some problems occur when following up the loan application and when it comes to the loan approval, they say it is automatically declined.

  • Other clients are saying that the loan application is not as easy as it seems, contradicting what they advertise.

Asteria Lending Reviews

Even though there are some complaints and negative feedback about Asteria Lending, the number of satisfied clients greatly exceeds those that are not happy about their services. Clients are highly recommending the services of Asteria Lending for the following reasons:

  • They have an excellent customer service approach to clients. They promptly address the concerns regarding the inquiry process, loan follow up, and even for loan renewal applications.

  • Clients are saying that Asteria Lending is the best lending company amongst all other lending companies in the Philippines. Fast and easy loan application and approval.

  • The company has strong attention to details, they know what to do when clients are having inquiries.

  • It only took a minute or two for them to respond to my inquiries. That is very impressive of them.

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This article was updated on 21 march 2022