BDO Cash Card, Is It Good? Reviews and Complaints

BDO Cash Card, Is It Good? Reviews and Complaints

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What is a BDO Cash Card?

The term BDO Cash Card is used to describe a new product launched by BDO which is a prepaid electronic debit card that is reloadable. Anyone can avail the cash card without the need to open a deposit account.

Enjoy the perks just like any other BDO ATM card, the security, accessibility, and convenience. The cash card can be used for purchasing goods and withdrawing money.

Just like most of the ATM cards, the BDO Cash Card can be enjoyed by users when doing online and offline transactions and purchases, when you are in the Philippines or even abroad.

What bank is it from?

From the name itself, BDO Cash Card, the cash card is exclusively offered by Banco de Oro (BDO) which is a Philippine-based universal banking company.

BDO Cash Card, how does it work?

Since BDO Cash Card is a prepaid, re-loadable card, it can be widely used by card holders for shopping online and paying allowances. Swipe the cash card to pay for purchases with almost 20,000 partner merchants in the country.

Shop, dine, and pay using the BDO cash card with accredited Mastercard merchants worldwide. It enables foreign and local ATM cash withdrawals.

Another thing to take note is that the cash card has no minimum maintaining balance, so card holders don’t need to be wary of their maintaining balances. Additionally, the cash card also has no interest charges, hidden fees, or even service fees.

Do I have a bank account number with the Cash Card?

    Unfortunately, since BDO Cash Card is a reloadable debit card, it does not have a bank account number unlike the regular savings account. However, the cash card can be re-loaded by using the 16-digit card number provided in front of the card via BDO Online Banking and BDO branches.

    How to apply for the BDO Cash Card?

    Follow these 4 easy steps to successfully apply for a BDO Cash Card:

    1. Go to the nearest BDO branch and inquire to a bank officer the application for a cash card.
    2. Supply the BDO Cash Card Application Form the necessary information needed.
    3. Provide (1) valid government-issued ID.
    4. Give the PHP150 payment fee for the cash card.

    Note: All BDO Cash Card applicants must be 7 years old and above.

    Online Application

    Currently, there are no online applications for the BDO Cash Card.


    • Must be 7 years old and above
    • 1 valid government issued ID
    • Not required to open a Checking or Savings Account
    • No minimum maintaining balance needed
    • Offered at every BDO branches all over the country

    How to activate the BDO Cash Card?

    For new BDO Cash Card holders, it should be activated first to fully utilize its functions such as deposit money, withdrawal, and even balance inquiry. By activating the BDO Cash Card, it means the card holder is required to create a PIN over any BDO ATM machine.

    How to change PIN?

    Follow these simple steps to activate the BDO Cash Card and change PIN at the same time:

    • Go and find the nearby BDO ATM in the area
    • Place in the BDO Cash Card in the ATM machine and enter the default 6-digit PIN
    • Select the β€œOther Services” option
    • Select the β€œPIN Change” option
    • Proceed to entering the new 6-digit PIN
    • To confirm, re-enter the new 6-digit PIN
    • Expect a confirmation message, β€œThe new PIN has been generated.”
    • Lastly, remove the BDO Cash Card and get the transaction slip for reference

    After successfully activating the BDO Cash Card and changing the PIN, the holder can now enjoy the privileges the card has to offer.

    If problems occur during the activation process, seek assistance to any BDO bank staff.

    How long does it take to arrive?

    Depending on the type of BDO Cash Card a holder will avail, the days may vary from 1-7 days. For pre-embossed or unnamed cards, it is immediately available upon payment for the card. For embossed or named cards, it is available within 3-5 banking days for branches in Metro Manila and 5-7 days for those branches that are outside Metro Manila.

    How to transfer money to the BDO Cash Card?

    For starters, since it is a reloadable card, the card holder can visit any BDO branches and ask for the card sale or reload slip and fill it out either via ATM, Internet Banking, Mobile Internet Banking, or Mobile Banking.

    The minimum reloading amount is PHP100, and the maximum amount should not exceed the balance limit depending on the card type.

    Withdrawal Limit

      • Minimum per transaction – PHP200
      • Maximum per transaction – PHP10,000
      • Maximum per day – PHP50,000

      Fees and Rates

      • BDO ATM Inquiry – Free

      • BDO ATM Withdrawal – PHPΒ 2

      • BancNet, ExpressNet, and MegaLink ATM Withdrawal – PHPΒ 11

      • BancNet, ExpressNet, and MegaLink ATM Balance Inquiry – PHP 2

      • POS Inquiry and Purchase – Free

      Note: All the information above is subject to change without prior notice

      BDO Cash Card vs Debit Card

      A BDO Cash Card is a re-loadable prepaid electronic debit card that does not require a deposit account to avail one. While a BDO Debit Card requires a bank account to apply for the card.

      Mostly, that is the main difference between the two. Features such as cash withdrawal, online shopping, and international transactions can be done by using any of the cards.

      BDO Customer Service

      For any encountered problems, contact BDO at the following customer service channels.

      Phone Number

      • (+632) 8631 – 8000


      BDO Cash Card Complaints

      Some of the most common complaints from BDO Cash Card clients are lost card cases, fraudulent activities, problem withdrawing, and failure to connect in some online shopping transactions.

      Other complaints are related to online banking access and transfer money activities. Clients also encounter a reduction in the balance in the cash card.

      BDO Cash Card Reviews

      Many clients are still enjoying the features offered by BDO Cash Card. Majority of the clients think that using the cash card makes it more convenient since it does not require opening a savings account. Some also say that they love that one person can own up to 5 BDO Cash Cards. People find it nice that it can also be used in online transactions, whether it is a domestic or international transaction.

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      This article was updated on 24 july 2024