Cash Space Loan App Review: Is SEC Registered? Is Legit?

Cash Space Loan App Review: Is SEC Registered? Is Legit?

What is Cash Space?

Cash Space is an online marketplace site that finds loans for borrowers. It targets Filipino customers who are looking for quick cash loan that they would not normally have access to using traditional banking services. It’s essentially a site that matches borrowers to online lenders.

Cash Space partners with companies that operate online lending applications, such as Digido, MoneyCat, Online Loans Pilipinas, and

Cash Space loan, how does it work?

Cash Space loan serves an intermediary between Filipino borrowers and a licensed financial institution. It saves you time comparing every online loan app in the market. What Cash Space does is to ask information about your loan needs.

You have to indicate how much money you need, answer some qualifying questions. Cash Space will then recommend several loan options that cater to your requirements. Choose the one that best suits your credit needs. Cash Space will then connect you to your chosen lender and submit your application. You just need to wait for the approval.

Interest rate

The interest rate that will be charged on the principal amount will depend on the online lender that you are connected to. So, the rate varies across lenders. You will be informed about this before you submit your application.

Is Cash Space loan app legit?

Cash Space has no loan app, but it operates a website that serves as  marketplace for borrowers and lenders in the Philippines. The site is legit in the sense that it is owned and operated by Fininity Ltd., a company that is registered in Estonia. Other than that, little is known about the company’s dealings in the Philippines.

How much is the Cash Space loan?

Cash Space can help you get a loan ranging from PHP1,000 to PHP25,000. There’s no guarantee that you’ll be given the maximum loan amount on your first try. Typically, online lending apps approve the minimum loan amount for first-time borrowers. However, if you pay your loan on time and build a good reputation as a responsible borrower, you  may be approved for a much higher loan amount on your next loan application.

Is Cash Space loan app registered?

Cash Space is not a loan app and it is not registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Cash Space is a website and not a financial institution, so it is not required to be listed with the SEC as a lending company. However, it’s worth noting that the company that runs Cash Space is a registered business in Estonia.

Cash Space loan app benefits

Cash Space loan site connects borrowers to the best online lending apps. With the massive list of online lenders in the market, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. It can lead to decision paralysis because of the fear of making the wrong choice when it comes to loans. Cash Space takes the pressure of making decisions by streamlining the process. You just provide a few details that will help the algorithm select the best loan option for you. This makes the loan application process much faster and less stressful.

By partnering with established online lending platforms and fintech companies, Cash Space gives assurance that you will not be taken advantage by shady, unreliable lenders with questionable business practices.

Cash Space loan, how to apply?

To apply for a loan through the Cash Space website, you need to fill out an online form that will ask for personal details, source of income, and other pertinent details relating to your loan needs. You have to indicate the loan amount and the repayment term. By providing this information, Cash Space will be able to connect you to a list of lending companies that match your loan requirements.

When Cash Space may display several matches for you. Choose the best loan offer and then your application will be submitted. Wait for the approval and the cash disbursement. Keep in mind that you are entering into a loan agreement with a lending company, not with Cash Space.


The requirements vary depending on the online lender you choose from the list provided by Cash Space, but the basic requirements are:

  • You must be a Filipino citizen.

  • You must be of legal age to enter into a loan agreement with a lender.

  • You must have a valid government-issued ID

  • You must a regular job or a stable source of income.

Cash Space loan, how to pay?

The payment channels will depend on your chosen lender. Typically, online lenders accept payments through online payments, mobile banks, e-wallets, payment centers, and over-the-counter banks.

What happens if you can't pay?

If you miss a payment, you may be charged an overdue fee, additional interest, or other fees. These charges  can add up and make it even more difficult for you to pay off your loan. Collection agents may bombard you with calls and reminders, which can be stressful and may affect your mental health.

Cash Space loan app

You can access Cash Space through its website .

App download

There is no Cash Space loan app to download. You can use the services of Cash Space via its website. You can fill out the application form online through the site.

Cash Space loan app, customer service

  • Cash Space does not have a Hotline. This is because the site acts as the middleman and not the lender. If you need to contact customer service, you have to

  • Office address: Finnity Ltd., Tartu Street 84a, Tallinn, 101112, Estonia

Cash Space loan app, harassment and complaints

Cash Space does not enter into loan agreements with borrowers, so any complaints about the loan they obtained must be addressed with the respective lender.

Cash Space loan app, reviews

The Cash Space site can be useful to people who don’t have the time to wade through the massive list of online lending apps. It just gives a list of lenders that are the best options for the borrowers. By acting as an intermediary, Cash Space makes the loan application process much easier and quicker.

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This article was updated on 24 july 2024