Cepat Kredit Financing Review: Legit or Not?

Cepat Kredit Financing Review: Legit or Not?

What is Cepat Kredit Financing?

One of the biggest challenges for those who have left their countries of origin to work abroad is the cost to send money home. For this reason, loans became an essential way for OFWs to send money home and to sustain their families. In the Philippines, it is common for loans to be given through smaller, micro-financing companies. The loan process, however, can be complicated and difficult to understand.

Cepat Kredit Financing was founded to help overseas Filipino workers or OFWs who need quick and reliable financial assistance to tide them over while they wait for their loan application to be approved or their payday. The company provides for a wide variety of financial needs for OFWs including education, business and personal loans, and more.

As an OFW, that loan is crucial to your survival in the foreign country. With Cepat Kredit Financing, you can get that loan. They have an easy application process and have flexible repayment terms. They also give you a chance to have a loan even if you don't have any collateral.

Cepat Kredit, how does it work?

It's important for OFWs to have the financial support needed for their families back in the Philippines. They need loans for their family's needs such as education, transportation, and medical treatments. Cepat Kredit Financing offers loans to OFWs in different countries. They provide short-term loans to OFWs anywhere in the world and in any kind of worker or purposes including sea farer, domestic helper, or for buying vehicles.

Interest rate

The interest rate available with Cepat Kredit can go up to 2.5% per month which means it’s 30% annually. This is considered higher than other traditional loan companies.

Is Cepat Kredit legit?

Yes, Cepat Kredit is legit and offers all information you will be needing on their website.

How much is the Cepat Kredit financing?

The loan amount available with Cepat Kredit varies depending on the type of loan you’ll be needing. But the loan amount available can go up to PHP 40,000.

Is Cepat Kredit SEC registered?

Yes, Cepat Kredit is operating under Securities and Exchange Commission with SEC Registration No.: CS201909976 and Certificate of Authority No.: 1223.

Cepat Kredit financing benefits

OFWs are one of the largest groups of migrants in the Philippines. They are people who leave their home and job to work abroad. They are typically low-wage earners and are constantly faced with difficulties such as paying for their children's education and healthcare, as well as their own. Many of these OFWs are struggling to maintain a decent quality of life for their families and this is where loans from Cepat Kredit come in.

Cepat Kredit is a financial tool that offers loans to help OFWs send money and support their families. The loan can be used to send money back home, pay for medical bills, pay tuition fees, and other expenses. Cepat Kredit offers quick and hassle-free loan applications with an easy-to-use online system. With no collateral required, loans can be approved in as little as 24 hours.

Cepat Kredit financing, how to apply?

According to the website of Cepat Kredit , you can follow these steps to apply for their loans as an OFW:

    • Choose the loan:

    Use the company’s loan calculator to know the total payback, first due date, and last due date.

    • Submit your application:

    Complete all the required information fields so that their credit officers can review your account and provide you with a decision within 1 working day.

    • Pick-up your loan:

    When your application is approved, you may directly go to their partner stores to pick up the loan money.


    The requirements for Cepat Kredit OFW loans are many. This includes, but not limited to:

    1. Valid PH Passport of the OFW
    2. Valid ID of the OFW
    3. Proof of Billing under the name of the OFW
    4. POEA-Validated Contract
    5. OEC / OEC Exemption
    6. Valid Entry Visa or Work Permit or Resident Card/Visa
    7. Confirmed Ticket / Flight Details
    8. Valid IDs of Co-Borrower
    9. Proof of Billing under the name of the Co-Borrower
    10. Character References and Sketch of Residence

    Cepat Kredit financing, how to pay?

    You can pay your loan amortization with Cepat Kredit through the following payment channels: 7-11, EC Pay, Eastwest Bank Bills Payment (Branch / Online Banking), RCBC Bills Payment (Branch /Online Banking), GCash Bills Payment, PayMaya Bills Payment, and Cebuana Lhuillier.

    What happens if you can't pay?

    In case you are not able to repay the loan, consequences include hefty charges or late payment fees. Make sure to contact the company prior to your due date to avoid the penalties.

    Cepat Kredit, customer service

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding to your Cepat Kredit loan, make sure to reach through the following contact information:


    • 09974058277

    Branch Address

    • Unit 208, AIC Gold Tower, F. Ortigas Jr. Road cor Sapphire Road, Ortigas Center Pasig City, Metro Manila, 1600, PH

    Cepat Kredit, complaints

    Cepat Kredit is a financing company that offers loans and credit card services. The company is known for being quick to respond with financing offers, but some of their customers complain of the company's slow application process. Cepat Kredit is committed to their customers and responds to their complaints by trying to improve their services.

    Cepat Kredit, reviews

    Cepat Kredit Financing is a loan product that helps OFWs send money back home to their friends and families, which can be a lifeline to those in need. Cepat Kredit Financing offers loans with flexible repayment terms that are affordable for any borrower. With this in mind, there are customers who are happy with the company which results to positive reviews. As a matter of fact, the company has 4.2 star on Facebook reviews.

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    Maria Fe Theresa Francia

    Grabe nmn ung mga collector ninyo . End of the month ang due date ng anak ko na seaman pero kahapon November 22 , 2023 pa lang may pumunta na sa bahay para I remind na ung pagbabayad sa 30. Namamahiya kayo ng tao, nagbabayad naman sa inyo. Hindi ko kayo I recommend dahil ang labas Di kayo marunong maghintay sa due date

    Emerson Ocampo

    Stay out of it, the penalty for missed a payment due is 15% of what you pay monthly. They have a problem coordinating things with their collecting agent and try to reloan they become ridiculous with their requirements. Not worth it.


    Big disappointment! I had a loan back then and glad that was the fastest one i got so when i tried to reloan again they have been asking more documents on my side which is very nonsense since i already have a good record on their system and they took time to response. I was even planning to recommend you to other people but i would going to regret! You will be losing a lot of clients if thats how your system works! Good luck!

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    This article was updated on 16 february 2023