Digido Loan Reviews, Is it Good? Is it Legit?

Digido Loan Reviews, Is it Good? Is it Legit?

All about Digido loans! ✅ Verified reviews ✨ Digido App 🔥 Up to PHP 25,000!!!

What is Digido?

Digido is a convenient form of lending that can be accessed online on their official website. It is a recognized, legit, and state-licensed online lending platform.

Through its unique features, it is different from other online lending platforms. Wondering why? Digido has an online portal that is fully automated and is highly innovative. It will surely address your concerns in just a matter of minutes. The online lending platform is also easy to use and is known for being a customer-friendly lending solution.

How does Digido work?

With innovation and digital dependency being more rampant, financial institutions, such as Digido, keep track of the trend. Making it more accessible to many who are in need.

Digido has an automated loan lending system that creates independent decisions based on individual application and money transfers within a matter of minutes. They offer a wide range of loan applications starting with the promotional loan having 0% interest, up to the non-collateral loans that can provide up to Php 25,000.

Rest assured that your money and confidential information is safe with Digido because they abide by the basic lending rules and regulations without any compromises. They do not increase the interest rates for the sake of covering a borrower with poor credit history. They do not practice unethical acts such as hidden charges or direct commissions.

How can I apply for a loan with Digido?

In applying for a loan with Digido, the first thing you need to do is visit their official website any time of the day, https://digido.ph/ . Second, log in then register your active phone number. Third, you can proceed with filling out the Digido online application form for the loan and choose your preferred amount and terms for borrowing. Sit back and relax, because after successfully filling out the application form, an employee will call you and discuss the result of the application. The fourth and last step is to check your bank account and get the Digido cash loan. Fast and easy, right?

You might be wondering, what are the requirements to avail of the Digido loan. Here it is:

  • A Filipino citizen

  • Age 21 to 70 years’ old

  • Working, with a stable income

  • Has an active phone number

  • Government-issued ID (Including pay slips, COE, ITR, company ID, DTI – if self–employed

  • Accomplished loan application form

How much do Digido loans cost?

For starters, they offer a 0% interest on your first loan application, amounting from Php 1,000 to Php 30,0000 for seven days. You only need to present your ID and proof of income.

On repeat loans, they offer lending up to Php 25,000 with corresponding interest depending on your terms and conditions.

Interest Rates:

  • 0% interest on the FIRST loan

  • 11.9% per month or not more than 1.5% per day (this is for repeated loans)

How do I pay the Digido loan?

You can religiously pay for your loan obligations through the following channels:

  • 7-Eleven (payment center)

  • Cebuana Lhuillier or any Bayad Center

  • Union Bank (online payment and offline branches)

  • Other authorize banks (via invoice)

  • Online payment (GCash, Coins. ph, or Dragonpay)

For reference, you can use their online loan calculator for an accurate amount of repayment. The amount varies depending on the combination of loan terms and amounts.

It is up to you to decide which payment channel works best for you. Just make sure to pay for your obligation on or ahead of time to avoid additional charges.

Is Digido legit?

Definitely, yes. Digido is a legit online lending platform for financial institutions. If you are having doubts, here are the things that support the legitimacy of Digido.

You see, any financial institution operating in the Philippines is required to abide by laws and regulations mandated by the government, which is the primary requirement. They are required to register their business with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission).

Based on the data from the official website of SEC, Digido’s company name is DIGIDO FINANCE CORP., their registration number is CS202003056. This only proves that Digido is a legitimate lending platform.

Digido Application

The advancement of technology leads to the creation of different convenient applications, such as the Digido application which can be downloaded on your mobile phone for easy and accessible use.

They launched their very first application, available for android users, and soon will launch for iOS and Huawei users. This way, you can easily monitor your loan progress and repayment records. Download now and experience the new and convenient way of borrowing money from the comfort of your phone.

Digido PH Customer Service

It is a given fact that some customers might encounter issues and concerns regarding a business’ product or service. When it comes to online loan borrowing like Digido PH, you can reach the customer support team through the following modes of communication for any queries regarding their service:

Phone Number:

  • (02) 8876-84-84, available every day from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Email Address:

You can also visit their official website, https://digido.ph/about to express your concerns and queries. Don’t be afraid to reach out and tell them your concerns, this way they can improve their ways of handling the company and its customers.

Digido Reviews

One way to gain the customer’s trust and earn credibility is through honest reviews from people who experience transacting with Digido first-hand.

Some of the reviews show a positive response, meaning the services, from the loan application up to loan repayments, encounter minimal or no problem at all with their experience with Digido.

According to All the Best Loans, an online review website, Digido received 4.75/5 stars from their users for their overall performance. From the management, up to the customer support team.

A user of My Credy, also an online review website, rated Digido a 5-star review. She said that she is glad to find Digido when she is in the middle of financial trouble.

Users from Advance Loans Online gathered a total of 4.77/5 review scores. The users provide useful first-hand insights regarding Digido loans’ terms and conditions, especially when it comes to repayment matters.

When applying for loans, especially online, be cautious because many fake schemes might be taking advantage of you.

Have you used the Digido loans? Share your experience here.

Jeorgina Diokno

Not only is the app faulty when you try to get the OTP, their agents will keep harrassing you and gaslight you into paying the dues. I clearly stated that the issues came from them as to why the debt couldn't be paid in time but they made threats and said they'd leave a bad review for me. Not only that, the interest is very unreasonably high as well and they won't even make considerations.

Lindzey Francisco

My loan is not that good

Ma. Jesusa Amantio

Please don't you ever borrow in this lending institution too high interest. They send you promos for low interest in 6 months only to find out its a big LIE! Your not helping you only cause misery for us lenders. This should be reported. A big ---- just like Money Cat, Online Loan. I highly recommend Billease. Lesson Learn.

Mark Anthony Espinoza

I can't find my reference number


I already communicate with them regarding the payment schedule of my loan to them, but their agents kept on calling and been harrassing me to pay for the loan that time. Also, I already paid almost whole amount of my loan and felt like it is not deducted to my debt as it always incurs higher amount.

Jude Marie Cutanda

I just want to clarify regarding my loan repayment plan. As far as I know, I will be finishing my repayment date on September 9,2022. I made a lot of payments already every 14 days. Even the total amount I paid was almost 50% interest rate of my actual loan. But now, I am very confused. Total loan amount was only 7,500. Total to be paid is 23,000????? I cannot believe this. I thought I would be finishing. This is very unlawful. It will be a very big mess to your company.

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This article was updated on 24 june 2022