Easycash Online Loans App, Reviews and Complaints

Easycash Online Loans App, Reviews and Complaints

What is Easycash Lending Company Inc?

Easycash is a financial lending company catering needs of small to medium businesses, as well as private individuals in the Philippines. Their operations are currently around Metro Manila and Luzon residents only as of the writing. The financial lending company offers three (3) types of loans:

  • The Seafarer Loan.
  • Business Loan.
  • Personal Loan.

They are dedicated to providing the most easy-access, affordable, and innovative credit lending features a client can experience through their service.

Easycash loan, how does it work?

Easycash offers three (3) promising reasons why clients should choose doing business with them, they provide an easy and convenient process for first timers and second time borrowers, a flexible payment option that suits their preference, and a safe and secure company registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

  • For personal loan, a client can borrow for the following reasons: tuition fee, home appliances purchase, emergency, and bills payment.
  • For seafarer loan, they can borrow to secure the daily expenses of their loved ones on their departure.
  • For business loan, a business owner can borrow for the expansion of the business as well as for the working capital.

Interested clients can interact through their official website https://easycash.ph/ to start their journey towards a brighter financial future.

How much is Easycash loans?

For the Personal Loan, a client can borrow from Php5,000 to Php10,000, and pay for a period of one to two months. When it comes to the Seafarer Loan, a Filipino seafarer can borrow a minimum amount of Php25,000 and can increase depending on the contract and salary. It is payable from one month up to ten months. Lastly, for Business Loan, a client can borrow a minimum amount of Php200,000 and can increase depending on the evaluation. The business loan is payable for a period of three to nine months depending on the loan terms.

Interest Rates

  • 0.8% per day (Personal Loan)

  • 3%-4% per month (Business Loan & Seafarer Loan)

Note: The interest rates may vary depending on the amount and loan terms.

Is Easycash legit? Is it SEC Registered?

For the ease and security of clients, Easycash is a duly registered financial lending company under the name of Easycash Lending Company Inc. with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The company’s registration number is CS201001882, Certificate Authority No. 640, founded on February 24, 2010.

Having said that, we can conclude that Easycash is a legitimate financial lending company because no company can operate in the Philippines without being registered with the respected government agency.

How long does it take to claim the loan money?

In an average transaction, if approved by Easycash, a client can easily acquire the borrowed money in more or less than 24 hours in their designated bank account or go to Easycash office at Ermita Manila after the loan application, they will receive a notification from a company representative.

Easycash Benefits

By using Easycash, a client is entitled to a cash advance for the personal loan, business crediting for the business loan, and the best seafarer’s loan for our Filipino seafarer. This company is like a one-stop shop which offers three different loans to help clients grow and manage their lack of finances.

How to apply for a loan?

For interested clients, Easycash simplified their borrowing process into three easy steps:

  1. Create an Easycash Account. It will need you to provide a valid email address and mobile number. Access the official website of Easycash for further details https://easycash.ph/
  2. Complete the Details Needed. Supply the necessary information and requirements needed to proceed with the loan application.
  3. Get Approved. You may need to wait for at least an hour or more to process your application and verify whether you are qualified for the loan.


  • A Filipino Citizen residing in Metro Manila and nearby areas
  • Aged 21 to 60 years old
  • A regular employee or self-employed (At least 2 years working)
  • A valid government issued ID

Note: These are all the general requirements, some requirements may vary depending on which loan product a client will apply.

How do I pay the loan?

It should be a habit of paying your loans on-time. So, an Easycash client can repay their loan obligation through the official BDO (Banco De Oro), BPI (Bank of the Philippine Island) account of the company, or through GCash, Dragonpay, and over-the-counter payment at the Easycash business office.

What happens if I can’t pay?

If one fails to pay for the monthly or daily loan repayment, it is subject to a penalty of 6% for the overdue amount. Also, this will leave a bad credit record on your account making it harder to borrow the second time around.

Easycash Loan App

Unfortunately, there is no available Easycash Loan App as of the writing. Interested applicants can reach them through their official website https://easycash.ph/ or through their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Easycashph/ for further details.

Easycash Phone and Contact Number

Reach Easycash through the following channels:

Phone number

  • (02)8353-8525

Mobile Number

  • 0947 595 6151 (Smart)

  • 0927 784 7091 (Globe)

Email Address

Easycash Complaints

Some of the most frequent complaints received by Easycash lending company from its clients are the following:

  • Bad/poor customer service during inquiries about the loan application and after loan processes.

  • Some clients complain about the high interest rates compared to other lending companies.

  • Others also encounter some technical difficulties in accessing the website and errors in the loan process.

  • There are too many complicated requirements for the loan before the approval.

Easycash Reviews

Despite some complaints from the clients, Easycash still maintains more positive reviews from first time borrowers up to repeat borrowers, they think that Easycash is a reliable financial lending company especially to Filipinos in need.

Here are the following reviews for Easycash to help you analyze their standing:

  • Fast and easy loan approval and disbursement process.

  • Excellent loan repayment terms for every kind of loan offered.

  • Clients are trusting Easycash because it is SEC registered and it truly helped them through their tough times.

  • It is a very reliable financial service, they find the application process very time efficient.

Have you used Easycash Loan App? Share your experience here.

Bob Westmoore

Easy cash has been exposing the confidential information and images of passports and IDSsfor the last 12 months. They have been told many times yet refuse to fix the issues. Stay away from this company

Jecob Josiah

This is a fraudulent app. The use people to make money. I was credited 26k to pay back 37k in 7days. The credited me without my consent. On the seventh day, I paid 14700, they said I should roll over to pay back in 7days, they were pressuring, told me if I don't rollover they will escalate it to my contacts. I clicked rollover and the money increased to 39k to pay it in 7days. I saw this and started crying 😭. I asked them why it's so, they didn't give me any response. Instead, they kept on threatening and abusing me.

Victor Seron Siva



Horrible experience,6930 to pay 10540 in a week,instead of 9900 to be disbursed,is only 6930 was disbursed,and pls keep Ur proof of payment after paying,and also they update poles app with current loan they did not apply for, they will threaten,they are fraudulent

Julius Nyiam Afu

I was offered a loan of #69900 to pay #74763 . I accepted the offer instead of receiving #69900 as was offered  me .easy cash decided to disburse #48930 to my account  to repay same amount of #74763 in six days.  1% /day nterest fee for 7 days of #48930 is #489.3 ×7=#3425.1+48930=#52,355.1. repayment.

Julius Nyiam Afu

I was offered a loan of #69,900 to pay #74,796 but to surprise #46000 was disburse to my account. Pls, kindly treat otherwise I reject the loan and will refund the loan in 2 hours time.

Samuel Gasarah

Still waiting for the 34 100.00 naira loan.

Samuel Gasarah

My loan of 34 100.00 approved me on 23/03/23 was never disbursed to my first bank acct., yet a repayment date of 29/03/23 is set. Intervene please.

Olaitan Fatimah Olajumoke

I have not even put the amount I wanted you disbursed 9000 to my account instead of 14,000 it is very bad and am to pay back in 7day


Requested for 15100 loan and 9815 was debursed to my account and I have paid 17000 within two weeks. This is crazy.

Adegbenro Funmilola Kabirat

You approve loan of 24900naira and 16185naira was credited to my account. And you asked me to pay 26643naira in 7 days what kind of business can I do to get this amount in 7 days, but you said your interest is 9 percent initially

Ikechukwu Imo

I was offered 58,100 yesterday but 37,765 was disbursed into my account and I was depited 62,165 to pay by next week

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This article was updated on 14 april 2024