Grab Loan Philippines: How to Apply? Interest Rate

Grab Loan Philippines: How to Apply? Interest Rate

What is Grab?

Grab loan is a mobile application that provides transportation, food delivery, and digital payment services to customers in Southeast Asia. The app was first released in 2012 in Malaysia as MyTeksi then became GrabTaxi the following year. Since then, it has grown significantly in terms of user base and rebranded as Grab.

Grab became more than just a ride-hailing app as it expanded to food delivery, grocery delivery and payment solutions.  The app allows users to book a driver through the platform and pay for their journey with ease. It also features real-time tracking so customers can monitor the progress of their ride or meal delivery at any time.

Customers can also opt for cashless payments using GrabPay, which is built into the app itself. Recently, Grab Loan Philippines entered the online lending app space to offer quick cash loans to Grab merchants, businesses, and drivers.

Grab loan, how does it work?

You can avail of a Grab loan through the following services under Grab Finance:

Grab Quick Cash Loan for Merchants

Grab merchant-partners looking for a fast and convenient way to access working capital, can get a quick cash loan through Grab. This short-term loan product provides merchants with the funds they need quickly, allowing them to bridge financial gaps, finance business expansion, or take advantage of new opportunities for business growth.

The quick cash loan process is relatively straightforward. Merchants can typically apply online in minutes and receive their funds within a day. Unlike traditional bank loans, it’s not necessary for merchants to have perfect credit or provide extensive documentation. Grab loan offers approval decisions within minutes and don’t require lengthy application processes.

Quick cash loans are ideal for small businesses that need capital fast but may not qualify for traditional financing options due to poor credit or lack of collateral.

    Grab Business Loan

    With a Grab loan, you can easily finance everything from equipment and inventory to marketing campaigns and salaries to get your business off the ground or scale up your small enterprise. You don’t have to be a Grab merchant or partner to avail of this

    Grab offers repayment terms of up to 12 months so that businesses can pay back their loan over time without stretching their finances too thin. Additionally, applying for a Grab Business Loan does not require any collateral or personal guarantee – just proof of good credit and financial stability for your company.

      Grab Cash Loan for Grab Drivers

      Grab drivers looking for extra cash can avail of a Grab cash loan to help cover everyday expenses. Whether it’s a car repair or medical emergency, this loan can provide support when Grab drivers need it most.

      A Grab cash loan through Grab Finance offers a quick and easy way for drivers to apply for an unsecured loan that does not require any collateral or guarantors. With low interest rates, this loan provides convenient access to cash with fast approval times at competitive rates. The amount of money borrowed is also flexible and can be tailored towards your needs with repayment plans that are easy on the wallet.

      Moreover, there’s no need for lengthy documentation or paperwork as all applications are done online through the official Grab Driver app.

      Grab Loan Interest rate

      Interest rates vary depending on the loan product you choose to avail. The interest will be based on the loan amount and the repayment terms. For instance, Grab loan for drivers carries an interest of 2.99% per month for a loan amount of up to PHP20,000. Interest rate for Grab Business Loan, on the other hand, can be as low as 1.49% per month.

      Grab Loan Calculator

      Grab makes it easier for Grab merchants and drivers to estimate their loan payments by having a loan calculator built directly into the Grab app. This feature calculates monthly payments based on the total cost of loans and allows users to adjust payment plans accordingly.

      With this tool, you can get detailed estimates of your principal loan, interest fee, loan term, and monthly payments before taking a loan. calculation results. Their results are displayed in an easy-to-understand format. This loan calculator tool can help you make informed decisions about your Grab loan.

      Is Grab loan legit?

      Yes. Grab loan is a legit business owned by Grab Holdings Inc. and operated by Grab Financial Services Philippines, Inc., which has a Certificate of Authority to operate as a financing company.

      How much is the Grab loan?

      Grab loan amounts range from PHP15,000 all the way up to PHP300,000 for Quick Cash loan for Grab merchants. For Grab loan for business, the amount is anywhere from PHP50,000 to PHP499,000. Grab loan amount for drivers is up to PHP20,000, depending on the driver’s historical earnings and driving pattern.

      Is Grab SEC registered?

      Yes. Grab Financial Services Philippines, Inc., the lending arm of Grab Philippines, is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as a financing company.

      Grab loan benefits

      • Grab loan products give Grab merchant-partners, Grab drivers, and businesses access to quick funds with instant approval, affordable interest rates, and no collateral requirement.

      • Grab loans come with more flexible payment options so that borrowers can choose how they want to pay off their debt within the agreed timeline.

      • Grab loan to drivers is done in the Grab Driver app, which makes it a fast and convenient way to get a loan with no documentary requirements.

      Grab loan, how to apply?

      Grab Quick Cash Loan for merchant-partners and GrabFinance Business Loan are available via the website . You have to get in touch with Grab agents to discuss your loan needs and they will help you navigate through the loan process.

      Grab loan for drivers is available through the Grab Driver app. Only pre-qualified driver partners an avail of the cash loan program. The selection process is based on their earnings and driving patterns.

      If you’re eligible, Grab Finance will send you a text message letting you know of the maximum loan amount and how to avail it. You have to launch the Grab Driver app and go to  and apply for the loan. Indicate the loan amount and then select a loan term (90 to 180 days). Fill out a short application form and then submit. It only takes a few minutes to get approval.

      Once approved, the money will be disbursed to your Grab Wallet or GCash, depending on where you elected to receive the cash.


      • For Grab Quick Cash Loan for Merchant-Partners: The business must in GrabFood for at least 6 months.

      • For Grab Business Loan: The business must be earning at least PHP25,000 in monthly net sales.

      • For Grab Loan for Drivers: There is no documentary requirement. Grab will notify you if you are eligible to pay.

      Grab loan, how to pay?

      For Grab loan for business and merchant-partners, there is an auto-debit arrangement with your bank account. The amount due will be deducted from your bank balance on the due date.

      For Grab Drivers, your loan will be deducted to your Grab Cash Wallet. So, make sure that you have enough balance to pay the daily dues.

      What happens if you can't pay?

      If you are unable to pay your loan, you may be charged overdue fees, interest, or other associated fees. This will make it more difficult to pay off your loan.

      Grab loan app

      The Grab loan is built into the Grab Driver app. There’s no separate loan app to download. Wait for the notification of eligibility from Grab Finance to proceed with your Grab loan application.

      Grab, customer service

      • Grab Cash Loan Hotline: (+63 2) 823 13608

      • E-mail:

      Grab, reviews

      Grab loan is relatively new to the lending scene as the primary business of Grab is ride-hailing and food delivery. However, Grab loan is particularly helpful to Grab drivers and merchant partners. This is because they are given access to quick cash with little to no documentary requirements. Grab makes it easier for their partners to grow their business and succeed with Grab.

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      This article was updated on 24 july 2024