Peramoo Loan App Review: Is SEC Registered? Is Legit?

Peramoo Loan App Review: Is SEC Registered? Is Legit?

What is Peramoo?

Peramoo is an online lending app that combines technology with traditional banking services to help Filipinos access short-term loans. With the Peramoo app, it’s easier and more convenient for borrowers to apply for small loans anytime, anywhere.

The app uses algorithms to assess borrowers’ individual financial circumstances and determine which loan offer best suits them. It also provides a secure platform where users can complete the loan application process online without the need to go to a physical location.

Through its streamlined user experience and efficient customer service team, Peramoo simplifies the borrowing process for Filipinos.

Peramoo loan, how does it work?

The loan application process for Peramoo loan is simple and straightforward, making it a great option for those seeking fast access to funds. All you need to do is download the Peramoo app, create an account, fill out the online form, provide the necessary information and ID, and then submit the application.

Peramoo will review your application in minutes. If your loan is approved, the money will be disbursed to your endorsed bank account or e-wallet within 24 hours. More often than not, you’ll get the cash within just a few hours.

Interest rate

Peramoo’s loan interest rate is 3% per month, which is relatively competitive compared to other online lending apps. However, aside from the interest rate, there are other fees that will be deducted from the principal, including:

  • Account management fee

  • Platform service fee

  • Risk Management fee

  • Credit reporting fee

These fees vary depending on the loan amount and loan term. So, even with a low interest rate, you’ll get significantly less than the amount you borrowed because of the additional fees.

Is Peramoo loan app legit?

Yes. Peramoo is legit. This mobile app has been thoroughly tested by the Google Play Store before being listed as one of their approved apps, ensuring its legitimacy. All transactions are securely encrypted with state-of-the-art technology, providing peace of mind for users when using this loan service.

How much is the Peramoo loan?

Peramoo provides loans of PHP2,000 to PHP10,000 with a repayment period ranging from 91 days to 360 days. It’s an ideal option for those who need money quickly but aren’t able to secure it through traditional bank loans.

You will only be offered a small amount on your first loan. However, if you pay your loan on time and complete it, you will be eligible for higher loan amounts. You may even get the maximum loan amount on your subsequent loans. Keep in mind that the initial loan is payable only 7 days.

Is Peramoo loan app registered?

Yes. Peramoo is the business name of the app, which is developed and operated by Magician of Money Lending Corp. The company has been registered with the Philippine Securities Exchange Commission since November 7, 2019.

Peramoo loan app benefits

  • With the Peramoo app, the loan application process is a whole lot quicker than traditional means. The entire process is automated so you can know right away if your loan application has been approved or not.

  • You can track the status of the loan application process, so you’ll know exactly when you’re going to receive the funds. You can also monitor the repayment due date, so you don’t miss a payment.

  • The lending app can help Filipinos who do not have a credit history or have a poor credit rating get access to small loans to help them get out of difficult financial situations.

  • Peramoo does not require collateral or a co-signer, so you don’t have to lose your property in the event you fail to pay the loan.

Peramoo loan, how to apply?

To get started, you must make sure you meet the age, citizenship, and documentary requirements. You then have to download the Peramoo app and create an account using your mobile number.

You will be asked to provide personal details, employment information, source of income, references, and a valid ID. Select the loan amount and the loan term.


  • Must be a Filipino citizen

  • Must be 18 years old

  • Must have a stable job or a regular source of income

  • Must have a valid ID:

  • Passport

  • Driver’s License

  • UMID

  • SSS

Peramoo loan, how to pay?

You can pay your loan through online banking, mobile banking, and over-the-counter banks and payment centers:

  • M Lhuillier

  • GCash

  • RD Pawnshop Coins

  • Maya

  • GrabPay

  • Banks

What happens if you can't pay?

If you cannot pay back your online loan, expect Peramoo to bombard you with reminders. You will also be charged a late payment fee, additional interest, and other associated fees. Worst case scenario, Peramoo may take legal action against you.

Failure to repay your loan can affect your credit score, resulting in difficulty obtaining future loans or other financial services.

Peramoo loan app

The Peramoo loan app was designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, allowing anyone with a smartphone to apply for a loan. Its simple and straightforward interface allows for easy navigation through its features. It streamlines the entire process of taking out a loan, from start to finish.

App download

The Peramoo app works on Android phones. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. It’s not currently available for iPhones.

Peramoo loan app, customer service

  • Hotline: 0965-6427875

  • E-mail:

Peramoo loan app, harassment and complaints

There have been complaints from borrowers who have had negative experiences with the app and the collection agents. Borrowers have reported that they were contacted multiple times a day, often with aggressive collection tactics and inappropriate language.

The complaints are not isolated incidents. In some cases, debt collectors even threatened to expose the borrower to their friends and family through social media. Peramoo has yet to fully address the complaints.

Peramoo loan app, reviews

Peramoo has a positive rating of 4.5 stars on the Google Play Store, which suggests that the app is useful to a lot of users. However, Peramoo is not quite truthful in the information it discloses to the public.

Aside from the interest, the company charges a long list of fees that will only be disclosed during the application and there’s no option to cancel. So, you’ll end up with a lot less money than you applied for.

Furthermore, the aggressive collection practices and alleged harassments are not something you want to deal with when you miss a payment or two. Peramoo may seem like a great solution for when you need emergency cash, but it’s not without its issues. Sometimes, the cons outweigh the pros.

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Never ever tried to download this apps... All their collection agent are si rude and bastos... Even threaten your life and reputation and harass your family kahit isang araw palang nag due ang acct mo... If there is zero I will probably rate this one..... Sisirain nang mga collector nila buhay nyo.. ambabastos kaya kayo tinatakbuhan nang mga umuutang sa inyo dahil mga bastos kayo kung maningil

Mae Raquel G Vale

Nagreloan ako sa kanila tapos sabi magiging VIP daw and low interest once magreloan ka ang ending binigay sa akin 3000 and for me its fine na lang then 120 days mo babayaran once na naclick mo na doon na pala lumabas na ang hiniram ko is 3k then bawasan ng di makataong hidden charges ang natanggap ko is only 1800 pesos tapos 7 days lang pala.


harrassing the clients not good lending apps


My experience with this OLA was okay naman nung una. Be aware that their are hidden charges so you won't be getting the full loan amount you've applied for. It's okay if you're borrowing for a quick emergency, just pay it back and then delete the application. But be warned that costumer service can be particularly rude. I missed a payment because I was short on cash. Hindi pa malapit ang cut off time pero may veiled threat na sa message nila. I understand it's a collector's job to make sure to remind their borrowers, but they won't do it pleasantly. Miss one day, or even an hour, and they will be the rudest most vilest people you will have the displeasure of interacting with.


If the score is negative, the rate is net. Totally inhumane, very high indifference to psychological and mental health ng borrowers. Very respectful to the client. They are very late in repaying the debt and run out of money------They will resort to threatening and harrassment. Total ----, please.


Wag na Po kau sumubok Dito mag apply Ng loan,, at Hindi Po totoo Ang sinasabi nila na 91 days Ang term Ng payment, 7 days lng Po,, pag due date Po hindi ka tatantanan Ng message nila, mga pananakot at harassment ginagawa nila sa mga may loan sa kanila,, 3% a month Ang tubo a month pero Hindi Po un Tama, di Po sila napapakiusapan Ng maayos,babayaran naman sila, ma delay lng Po Ng ilang Araw payments mo,,kala nila Hindi n sila babayaran,, for 7 days lng kailangan mo byaran 3500 magkano lng loan mo 2100 lng dahil sa daming bawas,, at mga agents nila hindi maayos magsabi,, panghaharass ginagwa nila,,@raffy tulfo in action Tama Po ba ito patakaran nila? Hindi Po sila nakakatulong para makakbayad tinutulungan Po nila para lalong lumubog sa utang


walang kwenta ang app na to grabe ang interest nila sobra soba maningil bayad bago madisburse ang loan nakuha na nila interest tapo babayaran mo padin ng buo lahat lahat


DO NOT TRY AND DOWNLOAD THIS APP. Was stupid enough to do so because of hospital bills but never again. They would harass you even before the deadline. there was a time when I lost someone very dear to me and told them that I cannot attend to right now but will do pay them within the day, but they would keep harassing. and that 90+ days is bullshit. even the 7 days is bullshit. they would say 7 but it actually is just 5 and a half days. they count the day of disbusement as one no matter what time it was given and at the repayment deadline, they will set a cut off of 11AM. Even if you are loaning for a long time (yes bcs you will get stucked in a cycle), it will not increase.I do not think they are sec registered bcs 1) did not see them in the list provided by SEC 2) unfair debt collection practices are not followed strictly 3) data privacy act's not followed too 4) 5-6 are illegal in the country (considering their high itnerest and processing fees)


Hindi Naman po 91days Ang lending nila7days lang po...with higher interest

Evangeline Mabalot

Lord pano bato pabagsakin,grabi naman tong app nato yung mga collector ng haharass na overdue lang yong borrower kasi due to emergency problem sinabi ko na na magbabayad ako kapag naka labas na ng hospital hindi parin tumigil kaka harass message sakin parang walang pinag aralan.sabi nyo 3% a month sa loan nyo pero subra pa sa 3% yung 7days na loan grabi kayo 3500 ni loan mo tapos pagdating sayo 2100 nalang gahaman kayo. @GOV.SEC.PH tama ba itong procedure ng pagpaloan nila kasi dapat maka tulong eh lalo naman lumobog ang mamayang pilipino.@raffytulfoinaction idol paki tanong nga dito kung tama ba ito?


Never borrow from this company. Nakalagay 3%, in reality 30% and it is compounded interest talo pa ang BIR. Government should investigate this company. They are loan ----.


Worst loaning app. Hindi nila idisclose terms, pag approve ka na tsaka mo makita na 3500 hiniram mo, 2100 lang makukuha mo tapos you need to pay 3500 ulit. Grabe harassment nila.


Wag niong tatangkain mangutang dito sa online apps naito,,ikaw pa sasabihan ng walang hiya,, Bastos ang pag uugali ng mga kolector dito especially yung pinakamanager ng online apps nito sigawsigawan ka n halos mabinge amg tainga ko sa. Telephone. Ikaw din ang sasabihan n makapal ang mukha tlagng sobrang harrast silang maningil kung ano, ano pa pinagtxtxt sa mga reference number ko n pra bng isa kng kriminal wag tuluran,, ang ayos Kong nakipagusap sainyu anong ibinalik nik sakin tas idadamay nio p pamilya ko,, sobrang harassment ang ginagawa nio sa client nio akala nman Hindi kau bbyran,, NASAan amg katarungan ha,nung nakapagbayad ako sa. Knila tahimik silang mga kolector,, sasabhin nio pa sakin makarma pa ako at ang pamilya ko😡🤬😭😡🤬🤬🤬🤬

Marivic Bautista Fernando

Im not approved


Horrible. Never try this lending app. Hindi pa due date tatawagan na references mo and may treat pa. Lahat ng contacts mo sa phone tatawagan at itetext nila never try this app.

Chona Babac

Yes, super cyber libel and a loan shark

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This article was updated on 7 december 2022