Peso Buffet Loan App Review - Requirements, Interest Rate

Peso Buffet Loan App Review - Requirements, Interest Rate

What is Peso Buffet?

Peso Buffet loan app is an online lending app developed by the Philippine-based financial services company, Copperstone Lending Inc. The app is designed to provide quick and easy access to cash for unbanked and underserved Filipinos.

This online lending platform makes the borrowing process easier and more accessible than ever before. Unlike traditional lenders, Peso Buffet does not require collateral or a co-signor to secure a loan. Instead, borrowers can apply for a loan based solely on the information they provide on the application form.

Peso Buffet loan, how does it work?

The app provides a simple way for users to apply for loans without having to fill out lengthy paperwork or go through extensive background checks.

Designed with convenience in mind, the Peso Buffet app allows you to view available loan offers, check eligibility, and apply for a loan on their device with just a few taps. Once approved, funds are transferred directly into your endorsed bank account or e-wallet within minutes so you can start using the money right away. What's more, all transactions are done securely over encrypted networks ensuring customers' data is protected at all times.

Interest rate

Peso Buffet’s interest rate, as shown on the Securities and Exchange Commission listing, is 60% per annum. However, on the website, the published interest rate is 10%-20% per year. The loan repayment term is anywhere from 180 to 365 days.

Is Peso Buffet loan app legit?

Yes, the Peso Buffet loan app is indeed a legitimate company owned and operated by an SEC-registered company.

How much is the Peso Buffet loan?

You can borrow anywhere from PHP2,000 to PHP10,000. If you’re a new borrower, you’re not automatically eligible for the maximum loan amount. But if you pay off your first loan on time and build good credit standing with Peso Buffet, you can get higher loan amounts on your subsequent loans.

Is Peso Buffet loan app registered?

Yes. Copperstone Lending Inc., the company that operates Peso Buffet, has been registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) since May 6, 2021. It has  a Certificate of Authority to operate as a lending company.

Peso Buffet loan app benefits

  • Peso Buffet’s application process is quick and easy. The app also allows borrowers to instantly check their eligibility for the loan amount they require and receive approval in just minutes after the submission of all required documentation. Once approved, the funds are deposited directly into the borrower’s bank account within one business day.

  • The Peso Buffet app asks for minimal documentary requirements when applying for a loan. Borrowers need only to submit basic information and a valid ID.

  • Peso Buffet helps you track your payments and reminds you when instalments are due.

Peso Buffet loan, how to apply?

Peso Buffet’s loan application process is quick and easy. To apply for a loan, you must first download the app from the Google Play Store. Register with your mobile phone and fill out the built-in application form.

All that is required from you is your basic personal information, such as your name, address, mobile number, and email address. It will also ask about your current employment and source of income.

Select the loan amount and repayment terms and then submit the application. Peso Buffet will review your application and come up with a loan offer. The entire process usually takes less than 24 hours from application to disbursement of funds, which is much faster than traditional bank loans that can take several weeks to be approved.


  • You must be a Filipino citizen.

  • You must be at least 18 years old.

  • You must have a valid government-issued ID.

  • You must have a regular employment or other source of income.

Peso Buffet loan, how to pay?

Go to the app and select among the different payment options. You can conveniently pay your loan through the following authorized Peso Buffet payment partners:

  • GCash

  • Maya

  • M Lhuillier

  • RD Pawnshop

  • 7-11

What happens if you can't pay?

If you miss your payment due date, Peso Buffet will send out reminders and notifications via SMS. These reminders include payment instructions and other details such as late fees and any extra interest that may be incurred by missing the payment deadline. If your continue to ignore these requests, additional charges may be added onto the total amount owed.

In some cases, lenders may even choose to endorse a delinquent loan account to a collections agency, where they may pursue legal action against you in order to recover the debt owed.

Not paying your loan can be detrimental to your financial health and credit score in the long run and you may not be able to get access to loans in the future.

Peso Buffet loan app

The app is downloadable from the Google Play Store, which means that it went through rigorous testing to make sure it meets Google's high standards for safety and security. In this aspect, users can trust that the app will not harm their devices or risk their personal information.

App download

The Peso Buffet app is only available for Android phones, and it can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The app is not available for the iPhone.

Peso Buffet, customer service

Peso Buffet has no Hotline, but customer support can be reached via e-mail at .

Peso Buffet loan app, harassment and complaints

Some Peso Buffet borrowers have shared their experiences in using the loan app. Customers have alleged that the company's aggressive collection methods include sending numerous text messages and making threats against those who are unable to pay back their loans on time.

They are accusing the company of deceptive practices and aggressive debt collection techniques, including calling people on the borrowers’ contact list. Many customers remain wary of using Peso Buffet due to its potential for causing distress, embarrassment, or financial damage if they fail to meet repayment deadlines.

Peso Buffet loan app, reviews

The Peso Buffet app has a positive rating of 4.6 stars in the Play Store, which suggests that the loan app performs satisfactorily. It delivers on its promise to provide quick short-term loans even to people with bad credit or has no credit history. However, all the things that Peso Buffet has done right have been eclipsed by abusive debt collection practices that harassed borrowers and made them feel ashamed and embarrassed.

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Grave ang panget n apps n to ..nkklubog plss wag n kaung manhiram dto scammer

Jusweh Tv

I already pay my bills before the due date ,but they keep calling me and calling my list of contacts ,so disgusting horrible.. I will not recommend this app. Parang Hindi talaga ako nag babayad ahh

Marjorie Lyn Celum

Very bad and ---- app!Instead of helping people lalo mababaon sa utang sa sobrang taas ng interest rate at sabi 180 days to pay pero pag nakuha mo loan within 7days lang haha!Di makatarungan! ang kulit pa sa pagtext at tawag!Your harassinh people with your ---- act!Nagsisisi aq bakit ako napakuha sa lending app na to!


Walang hiya tong apps na e2 grabe Kau mang ---- sa mga tao isipin Nyo sa panahon natin ngaun pahirapan hindi Kau nakakatulong sa mga tao mas lalo nyong nilulubog ang mga taong nangangailangan....imbes na TUMULONG Kau hindi mas lalo nyong pinapahirapan ang tao...

Ana Donna Q. Bongalos

Nakakatrauma po sila. Babawasan ng kalahati loan mo tapos babayaran mo xa with interest na sobra naman sa niloan mo. Loan shark yan




This app is literally disgusting! They keep calling my contacts and they said that they are contacting me the fact that I did not received any phone calls. They want me to settle a payment but I did not received any amount of money from them!


Good Morning, I already received the cash loan (this day) but the interest to high and the time is inconvenient for me , I/We agreed 180 days to pay but forcing me to pay it in just 7 days?WHAT THE HECK is that? Scammer in a Legal way?.... I want to return my loan or do extent my days of payment, or I pass this issue to Sen. Tulfo "Raffy Tulfo in Action" for not GIVING THE RIGHT AND HONEST ON THE AGREEMENT.THANK AND GODBLESS.


A very bad lending app. I submit my application just to see what will be the details of my loan if i borrow it. So true that you are approved for a 3150 loan but the amount you will get is a mere 2000 php. Wow! And in just 7 days? Shaking my head with this lending company who duped people like is seeking help from them since you are out of budget. And how can you repay it in time if your salary is on the 15th and 30th every month. And you need to settle the loan within just 7 days. They tell you are approbed to repay it within 180 days but viola you pay the 3050 on the next 7 days and settle the remaining 100 on the 180th day. And watchamacallit? right?


They said i can borrow 5k, but i received 3k and can be paid for 15days only. Interest is too high.


It is a very big ---- and they also sending threats , and they have the ability to hack all of your contacts. Even if you provide emergency contacts and it keeps on calling. Please stope this lending app

Sheila Gani

I experienced harrasmamet on this app.. When the agent called to ask about the due loan we agreed to whatntime ill. Pay but still before that time comes they still call my friends on my. Contact list..

Erly Aguillon

this is not a good example as lending association they will threatened you that they will have the accurate information to cascade your bad record they harrass when it turn by follow up your late fees this app should revoke the license i dont know why philippines allowed this app


Misleading tactics. They declare in SEC that their loan repayment is between 180 days to 365 days in fact it's 7 days. They also said that theres no hidden charges but there is because you need to repay additional half of your loan in 7 days. It is also true that they threaten those who cannot pay on time.


This is a -----, it has high interest, they will approved you for 1500 but you have to pay 2310, you only get 1365..for only a week. You're not helping people, you're all scammers, my Goodness. Please close this app in Google.


Legit? Probably yes but they do not provide what was intended to be ~ financial help in dire situation! They're even worst than the loan ------!!! WILL NOT RECOMMEND THIS APP. Lending institutions like these should not be given permits to operate.


Very bad loan service. Too much fees. Approved for 1500 but need to pay 2310 in 7 days.P2310 1500 loan amount324 acxount mgt fee (unnecessary specillay if only 1 off)324 platform fee (another scam charge)162 credit evaluation fee (okay)

Angwenfer Tampos

I will not recommend this app..the fact that i already fully paid my loan but in a short moment they already put me another loan..they also contacted the contact listed in my phonebook..

Jose Penafiel

they advertise Low Interest repayment, and long term, after they send the loan amount, they immediately bill u 60% of the loan amount to be repaid after 7 days, that so high rate

Edsa Tadiaque

I will not recommend this lending company. Super high interest rate and they are harrassing their customer. They called the friends even though they are not reference person.

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This article was updated on 16 june 2024