Pinoy Lend Loan App Review: Is SEC Registered? Is Legit?

Pinoy Lend Loan App Review: Is SEC Registered? Is Legit?

What is Pinoy Lend?

Pinoy Lend is an online lending application that provides an accessible and affordable way for Filipinos to get short-term loans. It's owned and operated by Philippine Consumer Lending Corp., which is a non-bank financial institution with presence in India, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Pinoy Lend uses advanced technology to automate the loan process from start to finish. To apply for a loan, users simply fill out a simple form on mobile app and can receive funds upon approval. This makes it easier for applicants to secure financing without having to wait for long periods of time. Pinoy Lend makes it easier for people with poor credit ratings or limited resources to access loans quickly and easily.

Pinoy Lend loan, how does it work?

The loan application process is completely hassle-free and designed to make it easier for borrowers to get approved in no time. All you have to do is download the app, fill out an online form with some basic information such as your name, address and income source. Once you're approved, you'll receive the funds in minutes The repayment process is also simple; all you need to do is make regular payments on time each month until the loan has been paid off in full.

Interest rate

Pinoy Lend offers an interest rate of 1% to 5% per month, depending on the loan amount and repayment terms. The loan term is 91 to 365 days.

Is Pinoy Lend loan app legit?

Yes. The Pinoy Lend loa app is available on both Android and iOS devices, which means that users from both platforms can use it. The app has met all of the stringent requirements for both Google Play Store and Apple App Store approval, so users can be sure that their information is safe and secure with the Pinoy Lend loan app.

How much is the Pinoy Lend loan?

Pinoy Lend offers borrowers access to quick loans ranging from PHP1,000 to PHP30,000. However, keep in mind that you will only be approved for the maximum loan amount on your subsequent loans, if you pay on time and build good credit standing with Pinoy Lend. Initial loans are anywhere from PHP1,000-PHP5,000.

Is Pinoy Lend loan app registered?

Yes. Pinoy Lend is operated by Philippines Consumer Lending Corporation, which has been listed in the Philippine Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) since September 25, 2019. It has a  Certificate of Authority to operate as a financing company.

Pinoy Lend loan app benefits

  • The Pinoy Lend loan app allows you to get a loan without having to put up collateral or provide a guarantor or co-signer.

  • With minimal documentary requirements, you only need to fill out the loan application and provide one valid ID.

  • You won't have to worry about lengthy application processes. The application process is fast and efficient, so you can get the money you need when you need it most.

Pinoy Lend loan, how to apply?

To apply for a loan with Pinoy Lend, you must first download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Register an account using mobile phone and provide all the necessary documents including valid IDs and proof of income.

You will then be asked to fill out an online application form which includes personal information, employment details, and references. Select your desired amount and repayment period, upload a valid ID, and then submit your application. It only takes minutes to get approval. Once approved, the money will be deposited to your endorsed bank account or e-wallet.


  • You must be a Filipino citizen.

  • You must be at least 18 years old.

  • You must have a regular employment or a stable source of income.

  • You must have a valid government-issued ID.

  • Driver’s License

  • SSS

  • GSIS

  • TIN

  • Passport

  • UMID

  • PRC

  • Postal ID

  • PhilHealth ID

  • Voters ID

Pinoy Lend loan, how to pay?

The most convenient way to pay off your Pinoy Lend loan is through online or mobile payment. You can set up an automatic payment plan with your bank or financial institution, so that money is taken directly from your account each month until it’s paid in full. This will save you time and effort as well as avoiding any potential late fees or penalties.

You can pay at any of the following authorized payment channels:

  • GCash

  • Maya

  • M Lhuillier

  • RD Pawnshop

  • 7-Eleven

  • Shopee Pay

  • Banks (over-the-counter and mobile)

What happens if you can't pay?

When you fail to repay your loan from an online lender, you will be charged a late payment fee, additional interest, and other associated fees. Pinoy Lend collection agents may begin reaching out to collect payment. Oftentimes, they can be aggressive and will keep calling or sending messages until you pay. In worst case scenario, the lender may even take legal action against you in order to recoup their losses.

Defaulting on a loan from an online lender could have long-lasting effects on your credit score and credit history.  You may have a hard time getting a loan from banks and lending institutions in the future.

Pinoy Lend loan app

Pinoy Lend offers users an intuitive design and a user-friendly interface that makes it simple to navigate. The app also provides a responsive experience, which makes it easier to get the loan you need quickly.

The design of Pinoy Lend is focused on making it as easy as possible for customers to apply for and access their loans. With its step-by-step guide, customers can quickly fill out the application form with minimal effort while being guided by helpful tips along the way. Once all required information has been provided, users have access to their approved loan in minutes.

App download

The Pinoy Lend loan app is available for Android phones and iPhone. You can download the app from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Pinoy Lend loan app, customer service

Pinoy Lend loan app, harassment and complaints

The most common complaint against Pinoy Lend is the high interest rate and the short loan repayment term. For example, for a PHP3,000 loan amount, you will only receive PHP1,950. The total amount you’ll pay PHP3,470. You will need to settle 48% (PHP1,650) in just 7 days. The remaining balance (PHP1,820) you must pay within 90 days. This arrangement makes it difficult for you to pay your loan.

Another complaint is that the approval takes too long, often more than 24 hours; some loan applications took days to be approved.

Pinoy Lend loan app, reviews

The Pinoy Lend mobile loan app has positive ratings of 4.8 and 4.5 stars in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, respectively. Although these are considered very high ratings, the Pinoy Lend app is not without its shortcomings.

The app has been lauded for its user-friendly interface and features, making it a popular choice amongst borrowers looking to access financial aid quickly and conveniently. However, Pinoy Lend fails to deliver on most of its promises, such as low interest rate, flexible loan terms, quick approvals, and friendly customer service.

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Cassy Delatore

This online lending is ------------! Not sec registered! And very tricky yung payment arrangment nila in 2 weeks halos doble na ang bayad mo sa niloan mo!! BEWARE!!!

Donn Lucas

Hayop na lending yan walang ka kwenta kwenta3 months term pero higit pa sa hiniram mo yung babayaran mo within 2 weeks. Anong klase yon?Hiniram ko 4000Data borrowed:07/10Amortization schedule:07/17 - PHP288307/24 - PHP324107/31 - PHP5208/14 - PHP1628/28 - PHP1629/11 - PHP16210/09 - PHP158Tapos 2pm palang ng due date mo lahat ng pwedeng tawagan tinawagan na. Akala mo 1 year na hindi nag babayad eh lagi naman akong on time sa kanila

Norberto Singalong

Collection specialists are rude as mentioned by other clients. Sa araw ng due date akala mo taon ka na di nagbayad sa halagang 1,500 kung makapagsalita. Tatanungin pa oras ng pagbayad at magdemand pa sa oras na gusto nila. OLP, PesoRedee and DIGIDO is the go to platforms.


Hays don't bother borrowing here. Agents are so rude! Hindi pa tapos araw ng due date nyo, kng sino sino na icontact nila at tatawagan.

Louise John Bautista

I am waiting for them to reply to my emails. My phone was stolen so I need to pay using a different method and I cannot reach their customer service. I don't want to run away from my responsibility in making the payment and I don't want my debt to pile up.

Isabelle Maris Adlawan

Huwag kang manghiram ng pera sa Pinoy Lend, guguluhin ka ng mga ahente na yan kahit hindi lagpas sa due date mo. Napaka-unprofessional nila. Kung gusto mong humiram sa olp at digito pwede ka.

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This article was updated on 24 july 2024