Qwarta Home Credit: How to Use? How to Pay?

Qwarta Home Credit: How to Use? How to Pay?

What is Home Credit?

Home Credit Philippines is a company that provides loans for individuals with difficult financial situations. With their loans, users can borrow for any purpose such as for medical needs, school expenses, emergencies, and more. Home Credit Philippines has been in the Philippines for a long time and has given Filipinos the ability to borrow money from their neighbors and family members.

What makes Home Credit different is the ease of which borrowers can borrow money. The company offers its services in different ways, ranging from online to mobile platforms. The online platform, on the other hand, is simple and user-friendly. The company offers a wide range of products like personal loans, credit cards, and lines of credit.

Qwarta Home Credit, how to use?

Qwarta is a Settle Bills, Pay Later service that you can use to pay your bills, settle outstanding credit card debts, and much more. With Qwarta, you can pay your bills without any hassle and without putting more debt on your shoulders.

This financial tool from Home Credit Philippines allows other people to settle their bills through online application, and then repay it over time. The Qwarta Home Credit is free of charge which is why a lot of Filipinos loves it.

Interest rate and fees

Qwarta Home Credit has a daily interest rates of 0.13%, which is lower than other loan types. Additionally, if you have a Qwarta Home Credit loan, you will not have to pay the loan back in full.

On the other hand, Qwarta Home Credit fees includes the late payment penalty of PHP 200 which can go higher every day with PHP 100.

How much can you pay with Qwarta Home Credit?

Qwarta is a home credit account with a PHP 10,000 spending limit. This is in a pay later scheme that works like a credit card, and it only charges a fee of 0.13% of the interest. In addition, it has no prepayment penalty, no annual fee, or other hidden charges.

Qwarta Home Credit benefits

The benefits of Qwarta Home Credit are many. Not only does it allow you to settle your bills now and pay it later, but you also get to set your own repayment date, which means that you are in full control of when you can settle your bills. Set your Qwarta Home Credit repayment date, and you can get up to P5,000 to spend in one go depending on the spending limit assigned to you.

Qwarta Home Credit, how to apply?

Qwarta Home Credit is a home loan program that provides medium to large value loans with convenient features that are easy to use. However, to be eligible for application, you have to avail any gadget, furniture, etc., using Home Credit. Once you have an offer for Qwarta Home Credit, you can ask for assistance from their Sales Associates.


The applicants for Qwarta Home Credit is already pre-approved by the Home Credit Philippines. Meaning, the applicant already has an account with the latter. Furthermore, to complete the verification process, you have to have at least 2 government IDs and proof of address.

Where can I use Qwarta Home Credit?

Qwarta Home Credit is a personal loan product of Home Credit Philippines. It is a credit card that can be used anywhere credit cards are accepted. You can use Qwarta Home Credit for paying bills, loading favorite sim network, and managing your budget.

Partner stores

The available partnered stores of Qwarta Home Credit are Meralco, Maynilad, PLDT, Manila Water, Converge, 7/11, Globe, Smart, Sun, DITO, and other 250+ billers nationwide!

How to transfer a load from Qwarta Home Credit to Gcash?

If you wish to transfer a load from Qwarta Home Credit to Gcash, just download the app of Home Credit Qwarta and look for the Gcash transfer option. Enter the number of your Gcash and the amount you want to transfer.

Qwarta Home Credit, how to pay?

You can reimburse your monthly payments to Qwarta Home Credit through the online banking, over the counter transactions, 7/11, lhuilliers, GCash, e-wallet payments, and so much more.

What happens if you can't pay?

In case you can’t pay, a late payment fee of PHP 200 will be charged to your account. And if the succeeding dates of the due date would be PHP 100 a day.

Qwarta Home Credit app

The Qwarta Home Credit app is available for download and is perfect to manage your Qwarta Home Credit. This is a quick and easy way to manage your own Qwarta Home Credit and make sure you don't miss a single payment!

Home Credit, customer care service

In case you want to reach out to Qwarta Home Credit, you can do so by contacting their customer service representatives through:


  • (02) 7753 5711 (Globe)
  • (02) 8424 6611 (PLDT)

Qwarta Home Credit, reviews

Qwarta Home Credit is a home credit provider that allows you to pay your home bills in a matter of seconds. They offer you a convenient and easy way to pay your bills on a daily or weekly basis.

With all of these in mind, Filipinos are fond of the app and some reviews are excellent to hear. However, there are these comments how Qwarta Home Credit interest rates are too high for an average income earner.

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This article was updated on 14 november 2022