Unionbank Quick Loan: Application, Requirements, Interest Rate

Unionbank Quick Loan: Application, Requirements, Interest Rate

What is Unionbank?

Unionbank Philippines is a leading bank headquartered in Pasig City. It was established in 1968 and since then, it has been applying its expertise in banking and financial services to help our clients succeed.

Moreover, Unionbank Philippines is a bank in the country that offers its customers an array of banking services including deposit, investment, lending, and retail banking. The bank offers its customers a wide range of services from basic banking to wealth management.

Unionbank quick loan, how does it work?

The bank offers an online loan application that can be completed in just a matter of minutes and the funds can get into their accounts as quick as 60 seconds. The quick loan is designed to give customers the funds they need, whether it is for a vacation, a business, or they just want to buy something online. It is a quick, easy and flexible way to get funds.

How much is the Unionbank quick loan?

The minimum amount you can borrow with UB quick loan is PHP 1,000 while the maximum loan amount can go up to PHP 1,000,000 depending on your eligibility. However, the processing fee is a little pricey as it can cost you PHP 2,000 for a quick loan amount of PHP 10,000.

Interest rate

The interest rates that are available to you is upon decision of the bank. It depends on many factors like the loan payment terms, amount of the loan, and your credit history.

Is Unionbank legit?

Yes. Unionbank is legit and has been providing different financial products since the 1960s, and is under the supervision of Securities and Exchange Commission or SEC.

How long does it take for the money to arrive?

UB quick loan offers 60 seconds before the money arrives on your bank account. The factor that can affect this time is the application process, error on your end, etc.

Unionbank Quick Loan benefits

Unionbank Philippines is a leading banking institution in the Philippines. As a bank, they provide a variety of services and financial products to their customers. One of these products is the quick loan. The quick loan is a loan that can be paid back in a few months. It is a fast, easy and hassle-free loan. This quick loan can be used for a variety of purposes, including expanding your business, paying your bills, or even buying a new car. You can also use it to pay for an emergency.

Unionbank quick loan application process

The application process of Unionback Quick Loan is very easy and it will only take less than 10 minutes. Just go to the website, access the link given on the latter, and enter the following details:

  • Invite Code

  • Last 5 Digits of ATM payroll OR 12-digit payroll account number

  • Email Address

  • Mobile Number

After that, you will be directed to the application page. Once you’re settled, you have to agree on all terms and conditions. Finally, you will receive the funds on your account within a minute after this process.


The only requirement you need for a UB quick loan is your current account you have with them. Meaning, Unionbank pre-qualifies eligible people for the loan.

Loan calculator

Loan Calculator is available on their website. This is so you can have knowledge about the monthly reimbursement amount through loan terms and loan amount you prefer.

How to get Unionbank quick loan invite code?

According to Unionbank :

  • Pre-qualified customers will receive an SMS and/or email notification. This will include a unique invite code which you can use to log on to the website.
  • Qualified deposit account holders with the UnionBank Online App will be notified via SMS or a button inside the app.

Unionbank quick loan renewal process

You can reapply for a ub quick loan as long as you have another invite code and your previous loan has been completely paid. Usually, you can reapply for it within 3 to 4 weeks after your last quick loan.

How to reloan in Unionbank quick loan?

Getting a re-loan for Unionbank Quick Loan is pretty much the same as the first time. You have to access their website, have an invite code, and wait for the bank’s approval before the funds arrived on your account.

How to pay Unionbank quick loan?

You can repay your Unionback quick loan through over-the-counter transactions, remittance centers, 7/11 payment booths, or even using the Unionbank mobile application for a more convenient process.

What happens if I can’t pay?

If you can’t pay your loan’s due every 15th and 30th, a certain penalty fee will be charged to your account. You have to settle the fee before you can even re-loan or repay your existing loan.

How to check Unionbank quick loan status?

Checking Unionbank quick loan status is fairly easy. You can just go to the bank’s website, create an online account, and check the status of your loan, its due date, and principal amount.

Unionbank app

Unionbank mobile application is available on PlayStore and App Store. You can download it and create an account by entering your credentials or personal information.

How to apply quick loan in Unionbank app?

If you wish to apply for the UB quick loan the Unionbank app, words that says “You qualify for a loan” should be on your dashboard. Just simply click those words and follow the preceding steps after clicking.

Unionbank, customer service

If you have any concerns or you wish to raise a question about the status of your loan or your current principal amount, you may contact Unionbank through the following contact information.

Contact number


Email address



G/F UnionBank Plaza Bldg, Meralco Avenue corner Onyx St, Brgy San Antonio, PASIG

Unionbank quick loan, reviews

A lot of people says that UB quick loan allows them to purchase major needs using the funds – which makes it reliable and convenient. Moreover, some people says that the usual time of the application process can take up to a day – not 60 seconds.

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Ericka Jeanne Alaba. Salazar

Tapos napo ako s quickloan,,sana po mka loan po ulit for emergny lang po,,Wala naman po akong palya s bayad o kaya pinalty salamt po

Allan Esclamado

Best of all the best. Easy to apply, less requirements, quick loan only 60 seconds. But sad to say I am not yet qualified, but for me, it is the best online loan.

Shirley Famisaran

Legit and very fast processing. Hopefully they can offer longer terms like 24 or 36 months. To make the amortization lighter and affordable to pay especially on higher amount loans. Because my 250k is only payable in 1 year. Hopefully they can consider longer terms. But overall experience is excellent.

Marivel Caneda Liparanon


Marivel Caneda Liparanon


Reiner Sernatinger

Nice 👍👍👍


it's helping a lot, THANK you so much UB, hopefully i can recieve again invite code soonest.

Edelyn Aying Taghoy

very good

Joseph Ffrancisco Deleon

It is very useful, but now i want to re apply for a re loan for an emergency use but i cannot access and the are not sending me a new invite code, still i will rate 5 shining star.

John Paul Colo

tapos na ung Loan ko ang kaso hindi na ako makapag loan ulit so ang sabi sa wec, 3 to 4 week daw ulit bago mag loan ulit so maghihintay ka pa ng isang buwan bago ka makapaglaon ulit

Mark Passion

Nag advance payment na ako in full pero patuloy pa rin ako binabawasan sa Quick Loan ko.

Romajean Aspe

Can't get the invite code for quick loan

Aldren Jasper Alagenio


Marlon Macadangdang

Very good

John Imar Mizon Laclac

I've finished a loan from UNIONBANK twice with good record always paid up to date, but now I can't access to quickloan, what's wrong with the system, I was hoping UNIONBANK will grant me to reply for a loan coz I realy need it. Hope someone read my review.

Sheila May Odjinar Yakit



I have not receive my invite code for quick cash loan yet

Mary Anne Palma

Humingi ako ng loan ng 5k


I applied for the loan

Windel Balisco

I already applied

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