Uploan PH -Savii-: Salary Loan App, Reloan, Login, Reviews and More!

Uploan PH -Savii-: Salary Loan App, Reloan, Login, Reviews and More!

What is Uploan?

Uploan Philippines is an online lending platform operated by New Cross Credit and Financing Gate PH, Inc. It was rebranded and launched as Savii. With the rebranding, Savii expands it services to promote financial wellness for employees in emerging economies, including the Philippines.

The goal is to prepare employees to face financial challenges by providing fair and convenient financial solutions through the Savii platform. This allows users to access their accounts and make transactions quickly and easily. Through partnerships with companies, Savii is able to offer affordable loans that benefit both employers and employees.

Uploan (Savii), how does it work?

Uploan (Savii) Philippines is an innovative online platform that allows Filipino employees get access to loans when they need them. Through salary loans, Savii PH can help employees cover unexpected expenses, such as medical emergencies, home repairs, or bills payments.

With competitive interest rates and flexible repayment options, Savii can make it easy for employees to get the money they need without disrupting their finances. In addition, salary loan programs can help companies retain talented employees by providing them with a reliable financial resource by connecting them through a secure platform.

Uploan services

Uploan (Savii) offers a range of financial products and services, including salary loans and salary advances.

Salary loan is essentially a general-purpose loan offered to employees which is expected to be repaid through salary deductions. Typically, in the Philippines, employees can have access to this type of loan through government institutions such as SSS or PAG-IBIG loans. With Savii, employees can have access to a salary loan without having to go through a tedious process.

Salary advance refers to a short-term loan that enables employees to advance a portion or the entire amount of their pay check before the actual payday. This type of loan is repaid by deducting the amount from your future salaries.

Both salary loans and salary advances can be helpful ways to get through tough financial times. The decision to take a salary loan or advance should be based on your individual situation and goals.

Before taking a loan, make sure that you have a good estimate of how much money you will need in order to cover your current expenses and any additional expenses that may come up in the future.

When you avail of these Uploan services, Savii provides free medical insurance, free mental health webinar, and free financial education.

How much does Uploan (Savii) loans?

With Uploan PH salary loan, you can borrow from P10,000 up to P100,000. The maximum loan amount you can get may depend on how much your salary is.

Uploan salary loan and salary advance both have a 90% approval rate since loans are coursed through your employers, which essentially gives you additional credit backing.

Interest rates

In terms of interest rates, Savii tries to give you the best possible interest rate based on your profile and salary. Typically, interest rates start at 0.5% for salary loans. Savii also offers flexible loan terms of 3 months to 60 months, which will make repayments much more manageable.

For salary advances, Savii offers 0% interest on a one-month repayment term. This is an ideal financial solution if you want emergency funds that you can pay off in 30 days.

Uploan salary loan, how to apply?

To apply for a Savii Uploan salary loan or salary advance, your company or employer must be a Savii partner employer. Otherwise, you can’t access the Uploan application or get a loan on your own as an individual borrower. Your company must be registered with Savii.

If the company you work for is partnered with Savii, you can sign up for an employee Savii Uploan dashboard account by going to the Savii login page. Find your company from the search bar and you can get started. The system will guide you through the process once you trigger the application form.


  • Company ID

  • Government-issued ID (SSS, PAG-IBIG, Philsys, Driver’s License, Passport, etc.)

  • Two latest payslips

How long does it take to have the money?

Upon submission of the required loan application documents, Savii can approve your salary advance within 24 hours. After that, you will be able to receive the loan amount in your payroll account.

How to check the loan status?

If you want to know the status of your Uploan application. You have to go to the Savii Uploan login page. On the dashboard, you’ll see the Uploan loan status and details of your salary loan or salary advance.

Uploan installment, how to pay the loan?

The salary loan or salary advance you avail of through the Savii Uploan website can be repaid via salary deductions. Your salary will be deducted with the amount of the monthly amortization for your loan.

What happens if I can't pay?

Since your loans will be deducted from your salary, you’ll be able to pay your salary loan or salary advance as long as you are employed by the company. However, if you resign from the company, all your loans will likely be deducted from the benefits due to you upon resignation or separation from the company.

Can I reloan? How to refinance?

You can get an Uploan reloan after you have paid off your outstanding loans in full. It’s unclear if refinancing is an option. You have to speak with your employer and Savii financial advisers on this matter.

Is Uploan legit? Is it SEC registered?

Yes. Uploan is a legit company. It’s registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) under the name New Cross Credit and Financing Gate PH, Inc (formerly New Cross Credit Gate PH Inc.).

Savii was registered on November 27, 2020, with SEC Company Reg. No. CS201628816 and Certificate of Authority No. 1288.

Savii-Uploan App

Savii is a browser-based platform, meaning that you don’t have to download an Uploan app on the App Store or Google Play Store. The application process is initiated and done through the official Savii website.

Uploan website

As the application process is web-based, you just have to go to savii.io Uploan PH sign in page. Select the desired loan, find your company or employer on the list and apply for a loan.

Uploan ph sign in

So you can sign in to Savii platform you need to follow the next steps:
  • Visit the Savii website for Phillipines here: https://savii.io/ph/ 
  • Click on "Login".
  • You will be requested to type your email address and password.
  • From the Savii platform you will be able to access all your loan and account information.

Uploan, customer service

If you have questions about Savii (Uploan) salary loans and salary advances, you can get in touch with the customer service through its Uploan Philippines Contact Us page . You just have to fill in the form with your details and indicate your concerns and inquiries.

Uploan complaints

One of the most common complaints about Savii (Uploan) is that people are unable to borrow money because their employers are not Savii partner companies. This is a valid complaint, but it’s really up to the companies if they want to use the Savii platform to extend and offer salary loan to their employees.

Uploan reviews

Savii Uploan generally has positive reviews from both employers and employees who use the platform for salary loans, salary advances, and other financial products. Many Savii users praise the service for the affordable loans, the user-friendly dashboard, and the quick disbursement of the money.

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Josie Calipayan

Lupet mo Savii pag mag dededuct ng payments agad pero ang posting inaabot ng more than 1 month pahirapan pa makapag reloan even reloan or refinance. You didn't deserve even 1 star

Crismar Tagulabong

Salary loan

Maria Agnes Llames


Ma.Isabel Acuña Principe

Im very disappointed in that company..I am almost paid in my past loan..yet i am still not qualified because my payment still in receiving process..They deduct the payment real time and you can't depend on this loan specially during hard times..


Nakakamatay si Savii, parang naawa ka sa pagsubok, wag kang titigil. double the amount you have to pay and then pag wala ka na sa company ay FULL na babayaran mo... bakit Savii at Lucifer ang pinangalan mo!

Mj Austria

I've been with SAVII for almost 4 years and it's really helpful however last time I had a bad experience with them where I am already eligible for the refinancing and only have 3 deduction left... but when I tried to used that option they said I am not eligible and reapply after 2 months... so what's the use of letting me know that I am eligible then all of a sudden denied it... and the customer service I chat was not helpful enough just giving me scripts that i can reloan after 2 months etc...

Cherry Marcos

I'm almost done with my existing loan... only 1 payment to go to fully complete my payment... but the refinancing button was not working good, tried to process it many times, re-upload my documents multiple times but havent recieve any email or text to inform me about the updates, on my dashboard there is a message that my application was being review but unfortunately when I go back to my dashboard within a day a refinancing button once again is there... customer service was not reachable at all times... 4 years being your client never miss any payment, then why are they doing this to me...

Junjun Llanos

So muuchh helpful during in bad shape. Thanks a lot Savii Team. ☺

Micaela Gaufo

Good job Savii!!

Micaela Gaufo

Savii helps me in my financial problem. Hassle free for asking assistance to make loan.

Jaybe Labargan Geanga

Waiting for my application response

Eldy Dionaldo

The application process is very fast and convenient.

Gliford Gamboa

Bakit po di ako makapag loan sa savii

Leeandrew Sagonoy

Gumamit ako ng pautang para sa aking kapatid na babae na may stage 3 na kanser sa suso

Jedan Rosario Pangan

Very good

Erwinor Garcia

Hanggang ngayon, hindi ko ma-access ang dashboard ko, ilang beses ko nang pinalitan ang password ko, pero hindi ko pa rin mabuksan.


I gotapproved for my uploan and 2 years later I have fully paid it, what is in my Savii profile, kaso sa mga nakapasa last week, may nagcontact sa akin na collection agency kasi may balance pa daw ako sa Savii which is ang natitirang balanse ng My Savii na 10k ay naayos na at hindi lang ito nag-reflect sa aking account. Saan ko ito maaaring hilingin at hindi ko ba mababayaran ang ahensya ng pagkolekta dahil binayaran ko na ang kabuuang halaga noong una at hindi lang ina-update ni Savii ang aking profile?


My loan is not verified

Rolando Omandang Tolen

Trying to do a reloan

Sugar Shyne Magcanta Caomate

I am waiting for my loan to be approved

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